How To Set Calculator Hidden Lock

By Ritik Bhagat

O Guys, how do you expect all of you to be okay? Today we are going to talk about calculator lock. Many of us use calculator but many people do not know that we also have a lock in calculator Which is called a very strong lock, then today we will know about the calculator lock in this article, from which type calculator can put the lock and what type of features Now, if we are going to know in this article then there is going to be a lot of interesting article then please see this article complete, so let’s start the article of no Time West.

How To Set Calculator Hidden Lock

(1) First of all we need to download an application from the Google Play Store, which is named Calculator Lock. We will get many applications on the Google Play Store. But this type of work works but some applications do not work, so we You will get a penis below this article, by clicking on it you will download the calculator lock application, which is not more than MB There is very little MB. If you do not have enough storage of people in it then first we will download the application and get it below.

Step1: Now we have to download the application and open it and know through the pickup that we have to follow at the step, so let me open the application.

Step:2 So if you open the application then you will tell us to do some permissions, then you will get the permissions on the first page and in the first page we will get the setup password option. Then we have the password. You will set your own and there are some requirements that you pic You can see and end up setting your password.

Step:3 Now we will set our password and we find some type of page in the last which type of program can be seen at the place above. In this we find four options to see the image of the video call setting in settings You do not get the setting from some basic, in which you can either change your password or even change it. If you talk about the image then the people who live in your image You can upload it there and you will see a plus icon in it, so that you can create people on your new folder which is a great thing and you will be able to make your own.

Calculator Lock App

WhatZ Scan

Hope fully all of you have come to our article and understanding, and share this article with as much as possible so that even more calculator hidden features where people can benefit from. If you have any dash to any of the people, you can comment We will try our best to solve the problem of people

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