How To install ColorOS 6.2 OPPO & Realme

By Ritik Bhagat

O Guys, how do you expect all of you guys to be ok? So today we will talk about the ColorOS 6.2 update of Oppo and Realme As we know that just a few days back we have seen ColorOS 6 update but now we will talk about colorOS 6.2, how do we take advantage of ColorOS 6.2 in our Oppo and Realme device To update ColorOS 6.2 we have to follow what process we all know in this article, if there is going to be too much interest in a article then please see this article complete and do not miss any of the steps, otherwise you guys ColorOS 6.2 I will request you people that you see the whole article and follow the full step.So talk about the topic of the timeless without

How To install ColorOS 6.2 OPPO & Realme

(1) guys First of all, we have to download a file called ColorOS 6.2. To download this file you will get the link below. From there you will download this file and you will have to open it and what is it to do? Know by step

Step:1 How To Download ColorOS 6.2 File

To download ColorOS 6.2 file first you have to open the settings of your phone and thereby allow the browser to get permission from the browser in which we have to download ColorOS 6.2 download and then select the storage as well as let us know To download the file in storage then follow all this

Step:2 How To Apply ColorOS 6.2 File

Downloading the theme, we have to open the File Manager in our OPPO and after that we have to go to the location of the download of the theme file. OK friend as soon as we see iOS or get the teme Let us apply it by clicking on it OK OK Now we will get Theme apply and our full look of our phone will now change means that our device’s OK

What Will Change Us in The Phone Look

(1) File Manager

(2) wallpaper

(3) Application icon

(4) lock screen

(5) status bar

(6) phone manger

(7) settings

(8) about phone

(9) Message

(2) This is what we have told Trick to you to tell people with the help of this file but yet we do not have to see the official update of ColorOS 6.2 in any device of Oppo and Realme but you can use ColorOS 6.2 Can avail of the update until ColorOS 6.2 update is found in our Oppo and Realme device

(3) Whenever an official update of ColorOS 6.2 will be made annotated, we will give you information to all people. Take advantage of this ColorOS 6.2 for as long as

ColorOS 6.2 OPPO A37

ColorOS 6.2 OPPO A3S

OPPO ColorOS OPPO A37 Theme Marshmallow 6.0.1


Hope you all have this article and I have come here and you have any suggestions, you can comment Hame. We will do our best to help people to write an article on the topic and key topic. Can comment and hope you both have come to the artical choice and understanding And share this ColorOS 6.2 as much as possible to get the chance to avail of ColorOS 6. 2 which is also the Oppo and Realme users.

Thank You So Much

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