OPPO iOS Theme for Android 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Oppo theme, its name is Oppo iOS Theme, which is made for the special Oppo device. This theme is available in all versions of Oppo and it will only work on Oppo’s device, it will not work on any other device, if you like this theme, then share this article with more people.

Oppo IOS Theme
Oppo IOS Theme

How do I download IOS themes for Oppo?

How to install iPhone theme. So let’s understand the code of each theme is different according to every model, for example, if we have a device of Oppo’s A37 version, then its code will be different. Likewise, its code will be different for every device of Oppo, which we will provide you in writing in detail below this article, which you can see and install the theme of your device. We have lots of iOS themes available for Oppo.

We have lots of iOS themes available for Oppo. You can install these themes to your liking. We will provide you all these themes for free.

What’s in oppo iOS theme

Talking about the Oppo iOS theme, it is many times better than other themes, and it works very fast, you can use it on your device forever. Its look is very good and it has all kinds of features available which make it like an original iOS device. If we discuss it in detail then you will know that this theme is very popular.

  • Wallpaper
  • Status Bar
  • File Manager
  • Settings 
  • Lock Screen
  • Phone Manager
  • All Full Setup Change

How to Apply iPhone Theme for oppo

First of all, you have to download this theme on your Oppo device. Then you have to open it in the download folder and click on Apply Now, after clicking Apply Now this theme will be applied to your device, after that you can use this theme completely. This theme will be visible in your theme store which you can use according to your needs. Need any information about this theme, you can ask us by commenting.

Oppo IOS Theme Code

  • V703=Neo5+Neo7
  • V800=A37+f1s(LP) A33
  • V801=A57+f3plus
  • V802=f3+f1s(mm)
  • V803.A71 
  • V804=F5+A83+A3S+F7
  • V805=V502 ..Try… Latest phone Realme & OPPO New Phone Plzz Check All Version

Please Check All Version

Version CodeDownload
V800Click Here
V801Click Here
V804Click Here
IOS Theme for Oppo


Hope you guys liked this theme. Thank you very much for using this theme, you must share this theme with your friends.

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