How To Set Gesture Lock in Android Device

By Ritik Bhagat

Hey Guys, how do you all hope that you are okay then today we are going to talk about the lock of your device which you probably will not know who is the name of the Gesture Lock what type of gesture lock my device You will fit and what type of features these people will take advantage of you. All we are going to know in this article, then too much interest is going to be an article, please see this article complete. Through Step-by-Step In Pic, you should explain to people in this article that from what type of talk we can take advantage of the lock here and which time can lift it.

How To Set Gesture Lock
Android Device

First of all, we have to download an Android application called Gestures Lock Screen, this type of application we have to download, which we will find available on the Google Play Store but if you can not download it from the Google Play Store Under this article, you will get gender by downloading this application by clicking on it.

Step:1 Download the application and it is open and as soon as we open it, we get to see the interface of this type as if we can see it in the pic, then we have to open the application and we will make a first We have to make our lock by clicking on that Option 1 Create Gesture.

Step:2 Now we will ask for some permissions, then we will go to all permissions allow and go to next page.

Step:3 Now as soon as we come to the next page, we get to see a lot of advanced features. Now we know step by step, which type of these features will benefit from.

Step:4 The first thing to do is to let the gesture lock when it comes to the option and enable us to talk about it and also you will download this application about respected features, then you yourself will know what their work is.

Step:5 Some customization options can be found in this application, as we have background, we can also put our pic in background, or if it gets a lot of background it, we also have our background in the lock. Anyone who is quite good and will talk about the sound of the heat people can apply the sounds in the gesture here and there are some notification options. So you can do it yourself according to your own

Step:6 And gys, we get to see some color options which is also quite interesting.

Gesture Lock Screen App

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Step:8 Now we will follow all the steps and we will have the option of some customization that we will set according to our own.

If you have any duality of people then you can comment to us. We will do our best to solve the problem of people.

Hope you all have this gesture lock like & understand both come and we will request you to share this blog more and more so that the user can take advantage of this folk remedy

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