OPPO & Realme (ColorOS) Theme Samsung Galaxy S7Edge

By Ritik Bhagat

The user we are telling theme in this article is an OPPO & Realme that is available for all the enhancements of Special Oppo and RealMe. This Theme will do all the other works of OPPO RealMe. Whoever liked the theme of the Samsung Galaxy, do not forget to give credit to the real owner of this Theme

OPPO & Realme (ColorOS) Theme Samsung Galaxy S7Edge

This Theme is Applicable For: OPPO & Realme

Note: This OPPO will not work in any other device, it has been created only for the device of the Theme only OPPO and RealMe

Each model is different according to each code, such as we are using OPPO A83 as an eggplant, its code will remain different, the code of every oppo will be different, the link between OK gys will be different and all below The code for the Oppo model will be given and the code will be known as the name and model. Okay Gys, which will be quite helpful, download the model voice theme of our OPPO and RealMe

How To Download Samsung Galaxy S7Edge Theme

The gender which is given on the article, we have to download the theme by clicking on that link. We can download the theme from any browser. OK, before that we go to Settings and click on the App management option. They should be given the All Permission and the storage should also be made available.

How To Apply Samsung Galaxy S7Edge Theme

Downloading the theme, we have to open the File Manager in our OPPO A83 and after that we have to go to the location of the download of the theme file. OK friend as soon as we see Samsung Galaxy S7Edge or get the theme Let us apply it by clicking on it OK OK Now we will get Theme apply and our full look of our phone will now change means that our device’s OK Gys

What will change us in the phone Look

(1) File Manager

(2) wallpaper

(3) Application icon

(4) lock screen

(5) status bar

(6) phone manger

(7) settings

(8) about phone

(9) Msg

Through Pic , we can see what type of look we are going to get.

First Pic

In the first page we can see that we will find some type of this type of page in which we get the application icon battery iacon network iacon and also we get full change, which is quite good thing is.

Second Pic

Now let’s talk about the settings in the About phone now, it gets us to get a background change in and we get to see the Samsung Galaxy S7Edge , which is quite interesting to us.

Third Pic

Now talk about the third pic, we get to see the background change in it and the fingerprint option is found in the bottom, which is quite interesting for me here.

Download Here All Code

(1) V703=Neo5+Neo7
(2) V800=A37+f1s(LP) A33
(3) V801=A57+f3plus
(4) V802=f3+f1s(mm)
(5) V803.A71 
(6) V804=F5+A83+A3S+F7+Realme All+ F9+F11Pro
(7) V805=V502 ..Try… Latest phone Realme & OPPO New Phone 
Plzz Check All Version

Download LINKS


hope that all of you have come to our article society and person. If any of you have any duality, then you can comment on us. We will do our best to solve your problem as quickly as possible and more. Share this article more so that more OPPO & Realme users get OPPO & Realme Samsung Galaxy S7Edge Theme available here.

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